When the hot summer heat arrives, many people consider purchasing an air conditioning unit for cooling their home and making it more comfortable. 

You have a greater possibility of selecting the most suitable system for your needs and economic means if you take certain factors into account. Some of these factors, among others, are provided below:

CADIELSA carries top of the line brands such as: Daikin, Mitsubishi Electric, Fujitsu and Haier.

The best systems

Fixed Split. In addition to being the most demanded on the market, it is the most economical to install and maintain. It is comprised of an interior unit and an exterior unit, which are connected using a tube. Depending on the model, they can be installed on the wall or on the ceiling.

Mobile Split. It can be moved from one room to another and its installation does not require assistance from a professional. However, the range of powers that are available is limited and they consume a lot of energy. These systems are only recommended when installing any other type of air conditioning system is very complex and not a viable option.

Multisplit. This is a Split system with several indoor units, which allows air conditioning the entire home (recommended for houses larger than 100 square metres and single-family homes that are located in areas with a very hot climate.

Fresh air in a manner that is healthy. Although air conditioning is not harmful to your health, precautions can be taken to prevent people from suffering any discomfort to the throat, getting colds or headaches.

– Begin using the system when you first begin experiencing hot weather. If you adopt this measure and gradually increase the temperature, you will achieve a better air conditioning.

– Keep the thermostat at about 25 degrees: Avoid abrupt changes in temperature between the outside and inside of your home and you will also save energy.

– Preservation of the system: The indoor units incorporate one or several filters, which must be cleaned at least once a month. This way you will prevent tainting the air as well as prevent contaminating substances and dust from circulating in the air.

– Direct the air flow coming from the device in a manner that it is not blowing directly on people: Try to avoid having all the fan blades pointing in the same direction since this will make it more difficult to fully cool the room and will make it easier for air currents to form.

– Avoid a constant exposure: This measure shall be especially observed in very dry environments.


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