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The most commonly used pump models that are:

Submersible Pumps.
Surface Pumps.

Surface Pumps
These pumps have an impeller sealed to the casing. The assembly is submersed in the liquid to be pumped.

The advantage of these types of pumps is that they can provide a significant elevating force since they do not depend on the external air pressure to make a liquid rise.

Bombas de Superficie
Based on the same hydraulic concepts as for the submersible pumps and for the purpose of covering a wide operating area, we developed the range of horizontal and vertical surface pumps (with direct actuation of by means of a drive shaft) to provide a solution to all those applications where a submersible pump cannot be used.

The watering systems that are available for gardens are:
– Watering using Sprinklers.
– Watering using Diffusers.
– Watering by Dripping

Watering using Sprinklers
Sprinklers are capable of reaching over 6 metres; in other words, they spray water for a distance of 6 metres and beyond depending on the pressure and the type of nozzle that is used.

Sprinklers are divided into:
Emerging: They emerge from the ground when the watering system is turned on and drop back down when the system is turned off.
Mobile: They couple to the end of a hose and can be moved from one place to another.

Watering using Diffusers
They are similar to sprinklers but smaller. They spray water for a distance between 2 and 5 metres depending on the pressure and the nozzle we are using. The reach may be changed by opening or closing a screw that many models have installed on the head of the diffuser. Diffusers are used in narrower areas.

Therefore, sprinklers are used for watering surfaces larger than 6 metres and diffusers are used for smaller surfaces. Diffusers are always the emerging type.

Watering by Dripping

Consists of supplying water in a localised manner at the foot of each plant. Drippers or emitters are used for this purpose. These may be:

Integrated in the hose itself.
Buttons that are installed by puncturing the hose.


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