Group Cadielsa has accumulated a vast experience in the indoor as well as outdoor technical lighting sectors. We are working with top of the line brands such as PHILIPS, OSRAM, TRILUX, SYLVANIA, ...etc, and we collaborate closely with them.

As a company that is committed with the future, we are well aware of the problem imposed by using products that consume too much energy. We are committed to energy efficiency and for this reason we have updated our stock with more efficient lamps and luminaires for example, introducing products with electronic equipment, using more efficient state of the art lamps, ...etc.

Our specialists will provide you with assistance in conducting lighting studies for any type of installation or application; providing you with the necessary documentation. We can also provide amortisation studies for investments when you replace your current lighting with lighting based on a more efficient technology.

In the emergency lighting sector we work with important national brands such as DAISALUX, LEGRAND or NORMALUX. In this sector we are also capable of conducting studies to comply with current law.


Regarding energy efficiency, there is no doubt that LED technology is very important. This is because LED is one of the most efficient technologies on the market (higher lumens/watts ratio), due to the direction of the light (there is no loss as a result of reflection from the reflectors; all the light reaches where it is supposed to reach) and its durability (depending on the manufacturer, the life of an LED lamp is between 80,000-100,000 hours). Also worth mentioning is that LEDs do not contain mercury and therefore they are not as damaging to the environment.

In addition to all the aforementioned, it is worth adding that incorporating this technology is becoming cheaper. As the sales of these lamps and luminaires increases, their prices become cheaper and in some cases they already cost the same as those with less efficient technology (such as low consumption technology).

At Group Cadielsa we are experts in LED technology such as lamps, LED strips and luminaires and we have a large stock of these types of products. We carry the leading brands in the market: PHILIPS, OSRAM, TRILUX, GEWISS, ...etc.

We will answer any questions the client may have about this technology and provide the necessary knowledge for carrying out installations using these types of products.


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