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WHITE RANGE (Appliances)

These types of appliances encompass the main appliances associated with the kitchen and home cleaning. They were named this way from the start because all these appliances were white.

Currently these appliances are available in different colours and especially in stainless steel.

We carry a wide range of the best products on the market. We are concerned with offering you the range with the highest energy efficiency.

Among the appliances from the range of products we offer, the following are worth mentioning:

The washing machine is the star appliance. What would we do without the washing machine?
Dishwasher; The star of the kitchen.
Microwave, the great ally. Allows us to quickly prepare healthy foods.
Induction, gas or ceramic? Select the cooking method that better meets your needs.
Fridges. The new models are high performance, have a lower consumption and are less harmful to the environment.
Cooker Hoods: Eliminates odours and smoke from your kitchen.
The oven, only for special occasions? Better tasting dishes.
Dryers, the solution that saves time.


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