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Group Cadielsa is a member of ELECTROCLUB, IMELCO, ADIME y CLIMA AINÉ


Group Cadielsa is a member of ELECTROCLUB, a group that distributes electrical materials with over 25 years of experience in the national market, which it practically services in whole through its 52 associated companies and its shared logistics centre with more than 21.000 m2. The increase in turnover in recent years is a result of the hard work carried out by the 1,930 employees at this centre.

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Only a leader like ELECTROCLUB can have a logistics centre with 21.000 m2 (( Shared Logistics Centre (CLC in Spanish) Electro-Marcilla). This centre enables us to offer a more flexible, quicker and more efficient service.

Shared Logistics Centre Electro-Marcilla.

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Internationally, ELECTROCLUB is part of IMELCO, which is the leading Group of independent distributors in Europe with more than 16% of the market share. Imelco is comprised of 12 electrical wholesale groups that operate in 16 European countries plus Australia.

On 1 July 2012, to strengthen even more their position on the world electrical distribution market, IMELCO joined the IPMARK Group, which is the largest independent electrical wholesale group in the United States, thus becoming the leading electrical distribution group in the world.

It is a fact that the globalisation of suppliers, the expansion of multinational companies and the different local economic cycles or the opening of new markets define the reality of the business in the continent; therefore for us, IMELCO represents a window open to Europe through which we can contribute to the development of the sector and the national market.



GRUPO CADIELSAis also part of CLIMA AINÉ, which is an association comprised of companies in the plumbing and heating sector. The intent is to become leaders in the market by offering more and better services to clients in collaboration with these organisations. Consult your nearest establishment inside the Spanish territory.

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 establishment within Spain.
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