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What is reactive energy compensation
Reactive energy compensation is the reduction of the reactive energy demand to the grid by installing a capacitor bank.

What does reactive energy compensation provide
First of all, a reduction in reactive power results in savings in the electric bill. Also, it provides a series of added technical advantages as a consequence of the reduction in the demand for apparent power (V·A) to the grid.

Effectively, the decrease in cos φ, results in an exceptional decrease in the demanded apparent power (V·A). Therefore, it results in:

- A Higher capacity being available in transformers and lines.
- Lower loss in lines.
- Reduction in voltage drops.

Savings in the electric bill
- By eliminating the reactive recharge.
- Below we can see the Spanish electric billing rate system:


As we can see in the following vectorial diagram, the reactive compensation will result in:

- A Reduction in kV·A to the grid. Therefore, an optimisation of the existing installations.
- Increase in the demand of active power without needing to upgrade the installations as seen in the following diagram.

The following formula allows calculating the resulting apparent power after installing a CIRVAC o CIRKAP capacitor bank.



Do you want to automatically control your home, hotel, restaurant, ...etc.?
Do you want to improve your offices, installations, ...etc.?

Do I spend a lot on heating and climate control and do not take advantage of the sun? Would you like to take maximum advantage of natural light and prevent sunlight from entering during the summer? Do we sometimes leave our lights on at home? When we arrive at home do we like for the home to be at a temperature that appropriate for the season of the year we are in? Are the lights for the room of your company always on? Are you not taking advantage of the natural light that enters through the windows? Does the climate control turn off when the windows are opened? Can the sun get in our eyes when you are working on the computer?


- We want to take maximum advantage of the sunlight in the winter and not let sunlight in during the summer.

  • • With a shutters control device we can programme the hours of the day when the motorised shutters open and close.
  • • Also, using a luminosity sensor we can lower the shutters based on the exterior lighting.

- We want to regulate or adapt the level of luminosity based on our needs.

  • • Using regulators you can control the intensity of the lighting in your bedroom or living room to create the proper environment at your home while simultaneously reducing the electrical consumption.

- We wish to adjust the climate control to our habits.

  • • We can easily carry out this automation using a weekly programmable thermostat. This thermostat can also be available for underfloor heating.

- We want to upgrade our electrical installation as quickly and as clean as possible.

  • • We can install new regulators, shutter push-buttons and weekly programmable crono thermostats without needing to run new electrical wiring.

- We want to have the proper temperature already set when we arrive at home.

  • • Thanks to a domotic system, from your mobile phone you will be able to monitor the temperature of your home and decide if you want to turn on the heating system. Also, the system will notify you if any water leaks, gas leaks or smoke is detected. You will be able to control the lighting and the shutters of your home in a centralised manner and even simulate that someone is present at the home to increase the security of your home when you are not there.

- I want to take maximum advantage of the natural light that enters through the office windows.

  • • Thanks to a system we will be able to constantly adjust the lighting in different independent areas based on the natural light and the lux level required at the workplace.

- I don't want to waste energy by opening the windows

  • • We can control the climate control system by installing contacts on the windows and integrating them in a system that acts by turning off the climate control system when it detects that any of the windows are open.

- I want my shutters to operate intelligently

  • • We can combine different solutions so that our shutters can be controlled as desired. We can open or close them using a timed programme or based on the amount of natural light that is supplied.

- Can I create different scenarios to control different systems in the room?

  • • I can create as many scenarios as I wish. Using a system that is capable of lowering the shutters, attenuating the light in the room and lower the projector screen by simply pushing a button.

- And remember:

  • • We can easily carry out this automation using a weekly programmable thermostat. This thermostat can also be available for underfloor heating.
  • • The emergency lighting will always be useful if there is a power outage.
    • Protect your electronic equipment with a over-voltage protector and automatic reconnect devices against untimely power outages. Install water savings systems on all taps and in the WC toilets.
    • The CTE requires adjusting the lighting based on the natural light that is available from the outside and thanks to these systems we can achieve this.
  • • Remember that we are required to have the proper emergency exit signs installed as well as a proper fire detection system.
  • • Protect your electrical equipment against over-voltages (lightning, surge in voltage, etc.) to protect your installation.


- For the owner of the installation:

  • • You will be able to automatically control the lighting, climate, shades and shutters and thus increase the comfort of your home.
  • • At the office you will not need to spend any time on the lighting, room temperature or the shutters. The system will automatically control these. Your collaborators will enjoy the best working conditions so that they may maximise their performance.
  • • With this system you will have a domotic system capable of controlling all the devices.
    • The work day of your employees will be much more enjoyable and will receive a higher perceived value by part of the company.


  • • You will save up to 35% in energy by automating all your services and processes .



An energy measuring and monitoring system is defined as the set of measuring equipment, communication networks and software applications that allow managing and handling information. It is the system used as a basis for conducting an Energy efficiency study.




Definition of objectives

  • • Control of the monitoring of power and energy consumptions.
  • • Control of costs.
  • • Control of electrical parameters.
  • • Control of process parameters.
2 Measuring points Determination of the measuring points.
3 Selection of equipment for measuring and primary protection • Definition of equipment for the power grid connection point.
  • • Energy counters for the CIRWATT billing.
  • QNA supply quality analysers.
4 Selection of equipment for measuring and primary protection

Determining of the equipment for the general LV panel:

  • CVMk2 and CVM NRG96 type network analysers.
  • RGU-10 C Intelligent differential protection.
  • • Computer reactive power regulators.
5 Selection of equipment for working and processing areas

Determining of the equipment for the secondary panels:

  • • Measuring and protection:

- CVM MINI Type network analysers.
- EDMK Partial counters.
- CBS Intelligent differential protection.

  • • Process:

- LM Digital input devices.
- DH96 Process indicators.

6 Transformers • Definition of equipment for the electrical power grid connection point.
  • • Current transformers for measuring.
  • • Current and toroidal transformers for differential protection.
7 Communication Networks
  • • Design of the communications network (see sect. 5).
  • • Selection, if required, of the converters or gateways.
8 Adaptation of software
  • • Creation of screens with single wire diagrams, backgrounds, ...etc.
  • • Identification, default settings and communication of devices.
  • • Implementation of the desired functions:

- Generation of reports.
- Alarm panels, ...etc.



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