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Energy efficiency is the efficient use of energy and consists of reducing the amount of energy required for supplying the same products and services using renewable energy and protecting the environment. In other words, produce more with less energy. The goal is not only to save energy but also to improve consumption.

Individuals and organisations that are direct consumers of energy reduce energy consumption to reduce costs and promote economic, political and environmental sustainability.

Because of climate change and its negative effects such as global warming, specific measures have been implemented in Europe to achieve an energy savings of 20% by the year 2020 based on the consumption data for the year 2006, with the premise of producing more and consuming less.

For several years now, the Autonomous Community of Castilla y León has been promoting energy savings and renewable energy. This can be seen in the different plans that have been developed in the Community such as the Energy Savings and Efficiency Plan of Castilla y León, the Solar Plan or the Wind Energy Plan.

Group Cadielsa in its pursuit of innovation, differentiation, diversification and in promoting useful services for their clients, is aware of the issue and is committed to being a leader in the Energy Efficiency sector, in a manner that is productive for its installers and companies.

To accomplish this, Group Cadielsa is collaborating with the main manufacturers who are strongly committed with Energy Efficiency: SCHNEIDER, PHILIPS and CIRCUTOR.

Via its technical department, Cadielsa is also specialised in the different sectors where it can be useful for its clients, currently demonstrating to be Energy Efficiency Experts.


The industry is one of the sectors of society that is more in need of energy efficiency because achieving this allows them to be more competitive. One of the keys for achieving Energy Efficiency is properly studying the possible ways to save energy.

In order to be more energy efficient at home as well as in industry, it is very important to be assessed by the distributor and the installer so they can analyse the energy balances, the performance of the installations and in this way identify the energy savings that can be achieved in the short and midterm. This study or analysis of the energy will answer the question of WHEN, HOW and WHY to act.

At Cadielsa we provide an assessment in order to properly implement the different Energy Efficiency solutions for the different markets and applications. As mentioned before, to become more energy efficient we must measure the consumption and manage the energy to determine where and how to act to achieve energy savings. To properly measure the consumption we will use grid analysers, energy counters, recorders, ...etc.

Another measure that helps in becoming more energy efficient is to protect and manage the processes. A series of products are available to help us achieve this energy efficiency like for example: Speed variators, ie3 motors, time switches, LED lighting, Capacitor banks, ...etc.

The energy savings can be achieved in many areas regardless of the sector it belongs to; it can belong to the Residential Sector, Commercial Buildings Sector or the Industrial Sector.

Some of the Sectors where Cadielsa advises its clients and where we are Energy Efficiency Experts are:

Public Lighting (PHILIPS)

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Inmotica e Iot (Smartbuiliding Cadielsa)

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Energy Management (SCHNEIDER Y CIRCUTOR)

- Capacitor Banks.
- Lighting Control and Home Automation.
- Monitoring and Evaluation.

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Control of Motors (SCHNEIDER)

- Speed Variators.

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Heating and Climate Control (Cadielsa Solar)

- Boilers.
- Circulating Pumps.
- Air Conditioning.

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Renewable Energy (Cadielsa Solar)

- Photovoltaic Solar Power.
- Solar Thermal Energy.
- Wind Energy.
- Geothermal Energy.
- Aerothermal.
- Solar Irrigation.

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Important Information
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