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Condensation technology

The energy performance that is obtained using condensation boilers for underfloor heating installations or for conventional radiators is extremely efficient.

Under optimum conditions, the gas energy savings is about 30% higher than that of a traditional boiler

The exhaust smoke of a boiler contains water vapour, which is hot and may be recovered and used for the installation by means of a condensation technique. In a conventional boiler, this energy is lost to the atmosphere.

Using condensation technology we can partially recover this heat in the water vapour as it is transformed to its liquid state, with the subsequent increase in performance of said boilers. Also, as the smoke cools down, their heat loss decreases as well as the loss attributed to the enclosure of the boiler. These higher efficiency values are immediately transformed into a reduction in fuel consumption.

How do condensation boilers work?

  • Hot combustion gases, which are normally exhausted to the air, are collected and condensed by a secondary heat exchanger.
  • This condensation process allows the heat exchanger to absorb the latent heat in this combustion of gases and use it to preheat the cold water that return to the heating circuit.
  • Less energy is required to reach the heating set point temperature that is desired by the user.
  • Warm water is then returned to the circuit.

The condensation boiler may achieve efficiency levels higher than 100% and save about 30% in gas consumption.


More efficient diesel systems

This document is intended to justify the installation of diesel generation against a conventional diesel fuel and pellet boiler.

Advantages of modulating oil boiler connection with pellet boiler

The only advantage that presents a biomass boiler to another that uses fossil fuel (liquid or gaseous) is the lower price of fuel. That advantage, as we shall see, depending on the performance of the boiler, is more apparent than real. Moreover, biomass boilers only have drawbacks. We begin by calculating the energy equivalency between diesel and the pellet:

- The calorific value of 1 liter of diesel equals 8.753 hcal.

- 1 kg of pellets ENplus-A1 average calorific is 4.229 kcal.

Therefore, the equivalent calorific value of both fuels is; 8.753 / 4.229 = 2.07. 2.07 kg pellets = 1 l of diesel oil

On the other hand, a biomass boiler, has some processes very slow on and shutdown, which requires a deposit buffer that absorbs the high inertia of these processes, avoiding peaks of temperatures higher or lower of the consigned the thermostats in.


Advantages of diesel modulating boiler with respect to conventional boiler heating oil

The seasonal performance of the conventional boilers with combustion that produce smoke coming from the chimney above 170 ° C represent a loss of more than 13%.

On the contrary, new modulating condensing boilers, in which fumes do not exceed 90ºc, recover the condensed water, what saves us at least 20% in fuel consumption.

This is the high efficiency of the burner of modulating boilers, which make its combustion as complete to the level of particles emitted into the atmosphere is much lower than that required by any regulations for boilers of its kind. In fact, if you gas boiler would be rated with the highest rating, class 5NOx; rating that doesn't even exist for ancient oil boilers. Since there is practically no residue in the combustion chamber, the life of the boiler lengthens appreciably and turns it into a very low-maintenance device.

Another fact to keep in mind is the lowering of the fireplace, new boilers can work with outputs of plastic, material much more economical than the stainless steel that is used in other boilers.

Then summarize the advantages that contribute regarding ancient oil boilers modulating boilers.


Advantages of diesel oil boilers modulating vs. ancient oil boilers

- Flue outlet below 90 ° C.

- Recovery of condensate water, which means a minimum 20% fuel saving.

- Level of particles emitted into the lower atmosphere (equivalent to 5NOx classification).

- Longer service life and low maintenance.

- Suitable for plastic, much more affordable than the stainless steel chimney.



New generation energy efficient circulating pumps


  • Save money:
    An energy classification of A is a combination of the frequency variator, permanent magnetic field technology and compact stator to achieve the maximum classification of the energy scale.
  • Connect and pump
    The connector offers an easy connection without opening the connection box.
  • Easy to install
    Circulating pumps are more compact as a result of the new and innovative designs. With the electronic system integrated inside the pump, the compact design allows achieving a simple installation even in reduced spaces.
  • Easy to operate
    The navigation button allows for a simple and intuitive operation.


Inverter Technology

You have probably heard of the great acceptance that Inverter technology has had. As a result of its innovative operation, this technology constitutes the maximum expression of energy savings in the air conditioning sector. Instead of using a constant speed compressor, the Inverter system uses a variable speed compressor, which means that the cooling or heating capacity of the equipment varies to adapt to the conditions of the room. This makes Inverter units more economical and efficient in their operation, they are quieter than the standard equivalent system and offer the best performance on the market. All Inverter units provide a series of advantages, among which the following are worth mentioning:

  • Greater Energy Savings
    Ahorre hasta un 66% de energía con la tecnología Inverter. Por su importancia como instrumento en la lucha contra el calentamiento global, los productos con bomba de calor están concitando en los últimos tiempos una considerable atención por el importante efecto de ahorro energético que conllevan. En particular, los productos como bomba de calor Inverter presentan un rendimiento energético incomparablemente superior al de las unidades no Inverter de velocidad constante. Como consecuencia de ello, los productos Inverter pueden ayudar a ahorrar hasta un 57% de energía en modo refrigeración y hasta un 66% en calefacción. Utilizando un equipo Inverter de alto rendimiento energético, también puede contribuir a la reducción de las emisiones CO2.

  • Quieter
    Inverter technology (For example, that of a BLDC motor and a fan with slanted blades) has enabled to lower the noise level to just 19 dB, which is the lowest in the world. Therefore, in "sleep" mode, a good night sleep is guaranteed. Also fans are available that greatly decrease the interference with the heat exchanger and provide a cooling mode that is exceptionally quiet.

  • More Powerful
    The new Inverter has improved its performance in cooling and heating and has helped us to forget what it feels like to experience the suffocating heat during the summer and freezing temperatures during the winter. The cooling performance has increased by 15% and its heating performance has increased by as much as 30%. Even during hottest temperatures in the summer, the air conditioning unit is capable of reaching an enjoyable temperature in the room. Even when the outside temperature is -10ºC, the air conditioning may be operated in heating mode.



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