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The objective of the Domotics and Iot would be to control and manage in an individualized way all the daily devices and their consumption through a set of automated systems through wired or wireless networks.

Due to the great evolution experienced in this sector and the importance it represents in terms of energy efficiency and savings in consumption, Cadielsa has decided to provide this new service that is the future, becoming a leading company and pioneer in the sector..

For this reason, he presents his project in Domotics and Iot: SmartBuilding Cadielsa, a project that consists of the Total Integration of the Cadielsa building and the Showroom with a Building Management System (BMS). The BMS integrates all the protocols implemented in both buildings: KNX, DALI, MODBUS, TCP / IP and IoT (Voice Control). This system would completely control and manage the Cadielsa building and the Showroom, while all processes and controls would be viewed through different devices, such as PCs, Smartphones and Tablets. With this system, greater energy efficiency would be sought through the control of individualized consumption.


- Consumption control per plant: consumption control by electrical panel and consumption control of lighting and air conditioning.
- Control of photovoltaic, instantaneous and historical production. Comparative CONSUMPTION-PRODUCTION (daily, weekly ... etc.).

- Electric Vehicle Recharge Control:
1. Graphics recharge times vs kilometers traveled.
2. Graphical relation photovoltaic production with recharge vehicles.
3. Graphic kilometers traveled vs polluting emissions saved.

- Control of lighting and total air conditioning of the building efficiently: Constant and manual regulation of the offices (depending on the entrance light). Control of lights and climate shutdowns. Measurement of the power supply lines of computers, if there is a lower consumption of X, shutdown of the plant in lights and air conditioning (it is assumed that nobody is working).

- Exterior perimeter lighting: directly linked to sunset and sunset. Also linked to the intrusion and fire alarm.

- Laboratory: PTZ camera in laboratory: control of variator and screen of industrial automation by VIDEO-REALISM: from any device you can choose the position of the camera, which focuses directly on one of the elements (presets), and through the image in I live to control him and watch him live.

- Laboratory (2ª): control of everything from the previous point by voice control (Google Home, ALEXA and SIRI).

- Meeting Room / Training: Control of lighting, climate and voice projector for commercial presentations and training.

- Room Meetings / Training (2ª): Camera in the room. Through any device, connect to the room, and by VIDEO-REALISM, control the entire room live, as you see the live image. For example, you click on the image of the projector, then turn on and play what is programmed. Or press on the switch and turn on, turn off and adjust the lighting.

- SHOWROOM: IP camera in every room of the home automation for control of lighting and air conditioning through video-realism, apart from the BMS and WEB servers of several manufacturers. PTZ camera in lighting room with several presets; in each one, each luminaire can be switched on and off in real time in real time (video-realism). Voice control of the home automation.

- TELEGRAM: sending alarm messages and reports (diaries) of consumption and production through TELEGRAM groups.

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