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Given the high cost of energy charged by Electric Companies in the IRRIGATION sector, irrigators have been obligated to adapt to new methods and irrigation times in an attempt to lower their electric bills or even worse, they have been obligated to pay abusive electric bills, which on many occasions results in not being able to grow their crops because they are not profitable.

Since the technology is available and given that Spain enjoys a high number of sunny hours during the irrigation season, Solar Irrigation using photovoltaic parks has become a FEASIBLE and RELIABLE solution.

By properly sizing the installation (each installation is different and must be specifically assessed because a standard solution does not exist) and by properly selecting the operating SYSTEM, SOLAR PUMPS provide a PERFECTLY technical and economically PROFITABLE solution with good amortisation periods. Deciding to use a Solar Irrigation SYSTEM entails changing your current concept on how to irrigate and requires adapting your installation to new technology.

The ENVOLVING technology has always been tied to introducing CHANGES in agriculture systems such as progressive starters, progressive speed variators with pressure control, pivots with flow control and even drainage channels for managing crops. It is time to change to SOLAR IRRIGATION.

Many different types of systems are available: Filling of tanks with photovoltaic direct pumps, isolated photovoltaic installations for conventional pumps, medium and small power Irrigation systems with Solar Variators, completely isolated from the grid or hybrid, with or without electrical generator sets, with or without storage, irrigation by dripping, ...etc.

We are EXPERTS and have experience in implementing SUCCESSFUL installations. We study each specific case and we ensure that the system will work properly. The system is not only working properly when the pump is able to extract water, clients will know the system is working properly when once the new SOLAR IRRIGATION concept has been adopted, they irrigate their crops based on their needs and the system meets their expectations.


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