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GRUPO CADIELSA was established in Valladolid in the year 1990, in a business environment that had no warehouses within the electric sector capable of satisfying the needs of a large group of professionals that required quality products and services. CADIELSA VALLADOLID was established for the purpose of meeting the needs of this market segment.

For over 20 years we have been defining our multi-specialist profile by continually incorporating innovative products and services and staying well ahead of our client's current as well as potential needs in our area of influence.

From GRUPO CADIELSA we have always been known for being a company with a strong regional character and based on this premise, we have opened 7 new point of sales locations in our community.

In the year 2008, GRUPO CADIELSA created CADIELSA SOLAR for the purpose of distributing solutions for heating, air conditioning and photovoltaic systems.

In the year 2010, the company began its internationalisation process by opening a new branch in the city of Tangier (Morocco), for the purpose of providing services in the neighbouring country.

In the year 2013, GRUPO CADIELSA took a new step forward and progressed in the province of Madrid where it opened a new point of sales in the town of Guadarrama.


To become leaders in markets where we are present by offering the highest quality service to our clients.


A team of professionals at Cadielsa markets our products and offers many high quality services, which provides an added value to our clients.


Honesty: We act in a manner that is honest and coherent with what we do, think and say.

Respect: We listen to others opinions and promote an environment that is amicable, cordial and compliant with the acquired commitments and obligations without undermining people and within the standards of politeness.

Responsibility: We reflect, administer and value the consequences of our actions before our colleagues, clients and suppliers and inspire trust.

Working Capacity: We are focussed on our task and accomplish it with hard work and dedication and accept constructive criticism for the purpose of improving performance.

Service to the Client: We are aware of the needs and expectations of our clients (internal and external) and are committed to providing the most ideal solutions for meeting their needs in a manner that is fast and efficient within the legally established framework.

Teamwork: Cooperation at Cadielsa is essential for obtaining a common benefit and promoting a positive environment regardless of our personal interests.

Continuous Improvement: Our work is focussed on quality while following the established procedures and seek excellence in everything we do.

Permanent Learning: We are constantly training to evolve with the market and to develop ourselves on a personal as well as professional level to provide a better service.

We are Different: Our working capacity, continuous search for improvements, responsibility, honesty, respect, teamwork and continuous training differentiates us from the competition in regards to customer service.

(Reviewed and updated in February 2017)

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