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In compliance with the provisions of Law 34/2002 of 11 July on Information Society and Electronic Commerce Services (LSSICE in Spanish), the following legal information is provided:

Identification of the web: www.cadielsa.com
Entity responsible for the web: Cadielsa Valladolid S.L.U.
Address: C/ Plomo nº1, (Polígono San Cristobal), Valladolid.
Contact Email: cadielsa@cadielsa.com
Tel: 983 21 77 44
Tax Information: NIF B-47092283
Registration Information: Business Registry of Valladolid, Volume 769, Folio 208, Sheet VA.383, Book 0.


1.- Preliminary Considerations
These legal terms regulate the legally allowed use of this website, which legal responsibility falls on Cadielsa Valladolid S.L.U., hereinafter referred to as CADIELSA. These general terms regulate the access and usage of the website, which is made available to Internet users free of charge. By accessing this website you fully agree to the terms. By merely using the website as well as requesting information or placing an order, the user is fully agreeing to these terms.

2.- Use of the Website
The User is obligated to use the website, the Services and Contents in a manner that is diligent, correct and legal and particularly, agrees to refrain from: deleting, avoiding or manipulating the "copyright" and other brands indicating the rights enjoyed by the owners of other content posted on the Website along with any other protective devices or other data mechanisms included in the Contents.

3.- Intellectual and industrial property
The texts, images, logos, distinctive symbols, sounds, animations, videos, source codes and rest of the contents included on this website are owned by CADIELSA or if applicable, has the rights to use them and therefore, this information is protected by the applicable intellectual property laws.

Any transmission, distribution, reproduction or storage, in whole or in part, of the contents stored on this site, is expressly prohibited without the express prior consent of the owner. However, users may reproduce or store the contents of this website for their exclusive personal use and it is expressly and absolutely prohibited to reproduce any elements or contents of this website for profit or commercial purposes.

4.- Terms of Access
At any time and without prior notice, www.cadielsa.com reserves the right to change or update the information contained on the website, its configuration or appearance, the terms of access, contracting terms, etc. For this reason, the User must access current versions of the site.

The company responsible for the website does not guarantee that access to the website or its contents will not suffer any interruptions or that the website is virus free, nor does it guarantee that it is free of any other element that might produce changes in your information system. CADIELSA accepts no contractual or non-contractual responsibility with the person or company using the website and whom may suffer any damages of any nature resulting from viruses or information system problems of any kind.

The owner of the website shall not be responsible for any consequence, damages or loss arising from the non-authorised use of the information contained therein, or those derived from the services, opinions and advice included on our website.

5.- Responsibility for the Links
The company responsible for the website accepts no responsibility for the services and/or information provided on other websites with links on their site. CADIELSA does not control or monitor the links on their website in any way, with the belief that said contents are compliant with the applicable law. However, the use of Links to other websites in no way makes us responsible for or imply we own said content and also does not imply we monitor or approve the changes or the information that is provided therein in any way. We advise visitors to said linked pages to act wisely and read the possible legal terms that may be available on said websites.

6.- General Terms of Sale
Consult this link.

7.- Location of the Contract and Applicable Jurisdiction
CADIELSA and the user agree to fall under the jurisdiction of the Courts of the city of Valladolid (Spain) to settle any discrepancies that may arise from accessing this Website and assume that this electronic contract is agreed to in the city of Valladolid.

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