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Domotics and the Internet of Things (IOT) have been incorporated into our lives progressively, bringing with it great benefits for society, such as having more efficient and interconnected infrastructures and services, reducing costs and increasing efficiency energetic .

This new current is increasingly on the rise. That is why it is key to bet on its development and it will be what really generates an advantage and allows us to differentiate ourselves in an increasingly competitive and global world.

According to research conducted by Cisco in 2016 only 1% of smart objects were connected but it is expected that in the year 2020 its number increases to reach 50,000 million, due to an improvement in Internet connectivity and the accelerated progress that has been made. had the technology.

From Cadielsa we have also wanted to advance in this sector and be a leading company and reference, offering added value to our customers, since this type of services is not offered by other similar companies.

For this reason, he presents his project in Domotics and Iot: SmartBuilding Cadielsa, a project that consists of the Total Integration of the Cadielsa building and the Showroom with a Building Management System (BMS). The BMS integrates all the protocols implemented in both buildings: KNX, DALI, MODBUS, TCP / IP and IoT (Voice Control). This system would completely control and manage the Cadielsa building and the Showroom, while all processes and controls would be viewed through different devices, whether computers, Smartphones and Tablets. With this system, greater energy efficiency would be sought through the control of individualized consumption.

Access the system (partially) and see for yourself how the Integrated Building Management System works: SmartBuilding Cadielsa.  

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